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Every horse is an individual, therefore all treatment programmes will be tailored to your horse’s individual needs.

To get the most out of any treatment programme I will demonstrate various rehabilitation techniques and remedial exercises to you, for you to actively assist in your horse’s rehabilitation and enhancement.

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Horse Physio Rehab Maintenance Perfomance

What physiotherapy can do for your horse:

  • Enhance performance.

  • Improve fitness and posture.

  • Increase core-stability.

  • Improve muscle mass and condition.

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Horse Physio Rehab Hampshire

When physiotherapy can be of benefit:

  • Following surgery, injury, or trauma.

  • Following changes in behaviour or temperament.

  • When transitions and movements become difficult which previously have not been an issue.

  • When your horse becomes reluctant to usual aspects of their routine, such as tacking up.

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