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Physiotherapy can benefit other small and large animal species. Each animal will be treated as an individual with rehabilitation techniques tailored to their specific needs.

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Cat Stretch Physio Rehab Hampshire

Physiotherapy in Cats:

  • Following surgery, injury or trauma, to assist in the reduction of pain, or to increase core-strength, balance and fitness.

  • Rehabilitation makes use of massage, range of motion (ROM) and stretching techniques.

  • Remedial exercises specifically adapted for felines.

Physiotherapy can also assist in the management of certain conditions, or for rehabilitation following surgery in other small animal species, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Please enquire for details.

Physiotherapy in Livestock:

  • Assistance in the treatment of lameness and pain.

  • Assistance in the treatment of downer cows.

  • Anecdotally, milk yields have been found to increase in dairy cows, contributed to by the reduction of pain following physiotherapy treatment.

  • Please enquire for more details.

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Cow Cattle Bovine Physio Rehab Hampshire
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